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Emmett Place, Cork City

Emmet Place, Cork. Crawford Art Galley, Cork Opera House, ShandonThree Cork Landmarks

This is stiched photograph of 6 separate images, taken from left to right and blended together afterwards using PtGui. 

I used a B+W ND110 10 Stop filter to allow me to take a long exposure (1 min) during daylight hours which meant that it gave the effect of the street being empty when in fact there were people walking everywhere. Any person that wasn't standing still disappeared over the course of a 1 minute exposure.

Details :-             Canon EOS 60D + Sigma 18-50 . Exposure 60 @ f22 iso 100



Ardmore Cliffs

Ardmore Cliffs

I was out and about lookig for somewhere else and got frustrated when I couldn't find it so I abondoned the car and ended up on the side of this cliff instead looking south from Waterford towards Cork. 


Details :-        Canon EOS 60D, Exposure 220sec, F22 @ 18mm, ISO 100, B+W ND110



Incoming Tide

Incoming Tide Photograph of Irish Landscape

This shot is from Guileen in East Cork. It's a pretty rocky outcrop really which gets some stunning sunsets, although I haven't had time to get to try and catch one yet unfortunately. This was taken during the day as the tide was coming in and the waves were beginning to wash a little higher over the rocks. It's on my list of locations to get back to when I have the time again.

Details :-        Canon EOS 60D, Exposure 0.4sec, F22 @ 29mm, ISO 100, B+W ND110



Sharpening in Photoshop

I have been looking for a method of sharpening images I am happy with for a while and finally settled on the method below. I hope it is of some use to someone else.

  • Open your image in photoshop and click F7 to make sure the layers window is open.
  • Control + J produces a new copy layer (called layer 1 by photoshop)
  • Then click "filter" - "other" - "high pass"
  • Set the radius to 4.0 pixels (MAX) i use aroubd 2.6 and click "ok"
  • Now look at the layers window where you'll see a drop down menu with "normal" showing in it.
  • Open the drop down menu and select "overlay"
  • The photograph immediately sharpens. Look in the layers window for the "fill" drop down menu. Pick this and drag the slider anywhere between 100% and 0% depending on the degree of sharpening you want.
  • Finally click "layer" and "flatten image" and save your changes.



Lighthouse Sunbeams March 2011

Lighthouse SunbeamsLighthouse Sunbeams

This is Roches Point Lighthouse in East Cork. I was in the area and decided to pop over to get a shot while I was there. The sun was just breaking the clouds as I arrived and the sunbeams were clearly visible. I took a long exposure to try and get all the colour and detail I could in and the did a little post processing on it to up the saturation and bring back some detail in the clouds and sky.

Details :-        Canon EOS 60D, Exposure 15sec, F14 @ 18mm, ISO 100,  B+W ND110



Beached Rock March 2011

Beached RockBeached Rock

It was a fairly dreary day and I wasn't busy with anything else so I headed off to the beach to see if I could get any nice images. The sky was pretty dull and lifeless so I took out my 10 stop filter to try for some long exposures. The water breaking around this rock and on the stones and pebbles around it was what I came up with!

Details :-        Canon EOS 60D, Exposure 181sec, F13 @ 33mm, ISO 100,  B+W ND110




Cork Bonded Warehouses

Cork Bonded WarehouseCork Bonded Warehouse

These old warehouses with their distinctive text have been knocked down but there is not anything in their place yet..just an empty quayside..

Details :-        Canon EOS 60D, Exposure : 20sec, F13 @ 18mm, ISO 100 Filter B+W ND110